Grooming and Hand Stripping a Border Terrier

My lovely doggie models are Fin and Jim who have been into the grooming parlour recently.

Border Terriers are very populBorder Terrier in the sog grooming parlourar dogs because they’re a lovely all round family pet, with easy coat maintenance.

Border Terriers have an attractive double coat – a very wiry and waterproof top coat and a dense, soft undercoat to insulate them and keep them warm.

How to care for your Border Terrier’s coat…

Generally, Border Terriers don’t need much grooming. They should be brushed every day for a few minutes to remove any dead hairs and loose undercoat. Regular brushing will remove any dry dirt on the coat. However, their coats can get very dense, long and matted looking and this can make them look a bit scruffy and also result in them being too warm in the summer months.

No matter how much weekly grooming you do, your Border Terrier will still need some hand stripping.

To maintain his coat you have two grooming options:

1. Hand StrippingHand Stripping a Border Terrier

As the name suggests, the longer, course guard hairs are removed using the finger and thumb to pluck the hairs out a few strands at a time.

This takes a considerable amount of time so costs more than option 2. However this is generally only done twice a year.

Hand Stripping is the recommended approach to help retain the waterpoof qualities and colour and texture of your Border Terrier’s coat.

2. Clipping

The coat is clipped down short all over. This is by far the quicker process for your dog but it generally needs doing every 3 months. and will affect the coat’s growth and waterproofing and will mean that future hand stripping may not be possible.

Can my Border Terrier be hand stripped?

Not all coats are suitable to hand strip. It depends on the hair quality and growth rate which is influenced by your dog’s health and sex and whether they have been castrated or spayed. If your previous groomer has clipped his coat, it is unlikely you will be able to return to hand stripping.

What are the benefits of hand stripping?

The main reason for hand strippinHand Stripping a Border Terrierg is because it is better for maintaining the colour and texture of your Border Terrier’s coat.

As a dog groomer we recommend the coat be stripped when the coat is blown, most likely in the Spring and Autumn. This means we hand strip the coat of all the course guard hairs leaving the new coat underneath and new guard hairs to grow. This gives the coat its lovely colour and texture.

What if my Border Terrier won’t tolerate hand stripping?

Hand stripping is what it says, coat removal by hand, so will take on average 1.5 to 2 Equipment needed for Hand Strippinghours, plus a further hour to bath, dry and finnish, on average a 3 hour hands on process.

When your dog’s coat or temperament is not suitable for hand stripping, I will talk through with you the option of clipping.

Hand Stripping is great to maintain coat condition but if it’s not possible, a clipped coat will still make your beloved Border Terrier look very handsome and keep him more comfortable in warmer weather.

Finished results of hand stripping a Border TerrierPreparing a Border Terrier with a show standard coat

If you intend to show your Border Terrier, it will require weekly attention, so best for you to learn the hand stripping method yourself.

Please feel free to ask us for more advice on your Border Terrier’s grooming routine and what will work best for him (and you!).

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