Grooming the German Shepherd – Cooper’s visit to 4 Paws!

German Shepherd before groomingTake a look at Cooper. This lovely lad is a mid-coated German Shepherd, so the hair is not short – but it’s not long either.

At just over a year old, Cooper had shed his puppy coat, but hadn’t been groomed regularly so his coat had become thick and matted. He wasn’t looking his best when he arrived at the parlour and we had some work to do!

Our first job was to groom out all of the dead coat and remove the matting.Two groomers worked through Cooper’s coat using an undercoat rake, slicker brush and wide, long-toothed comb. German Shepherd shed coat

An hour and a very large pile of dead hair later Cooper was ready for a bath.

Once that was done, we donned face masks and protective goggles (what must Cooper have thought of us!) and used the blaster dryer to force out the water from Cooper’s coat. This also lifts any remaining dead hair to the surface. We could then blow dry and brush out the coat.

All in all, it was a good workout for us – grooming certainly prevents batwing arms! :-)

grooming equipmentAfter a brush and comb, all that was left to do was a trim and tidy up of the feet and cutting Cooper’s nails.

Cooper was such a good boy during his stay at 4 Paws, but we had to use a muzzle because he still has some puppyish habits – he likes to mouth and grab at our arms – playfully but it can still hurt.

Cooper was with us for three hours in total, so with two groomers working on him that means six hours labour – not a cheap grooming session! But it was so worth it. Cooper left looking very smart, with a beautifully light and glossy coat that was free of debris. And I think he felt so much happier, free of the weight of dead coat and very ready for the summer months to come. :-)

German Shepherd after grooming

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Hi my name is Anne Morrison and I'm a professional dog and cat groomer based near Aldershot in Hampshire.
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