Cat Grooming – that is sure to raise a purr

At 4 Paws we provide the entire whisker to paw range of cat grooming services in our fully equipped and professional cat grooming parlour:

  • Thorough comb out to remove all the dead coat
  • Cat de-matting and trimming
  • Cat bathing and blow drying
  • Claw clipping
  • Eye and ear cleaning

We also offer a FREE introductory visit for kittens to get them used to the grooming experience – call us on 01252 317587 or email us to book your free appointment.

Cat grooming appointments are after 4pm – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings by advance appointment only.

Sample prices

4 Paws - Cat GroomingMost cats are well behaved but quite often it is a two person job to ensure a smooth and calm experience and hence the prices we charge reflect the staff levels required to carry out the cat grooming work.

Thorough groom out including claw cutting, face and ear wash, trim round the bottom, if required, from £25.

De-matting will be an extra £10 per half hour.

Talk to us today about your cat grooming needs and we can provide you with a quote.

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