Frequently Asked Questions about Dog and Cat Grooming

Dog Grooming Questions

Q: How long will my dog be with you?
A: Dependant on the breed an average of 2.5 hours.

Q: What if my dog needs to relieve himself?Wet dog after bath
A: Dogs that are showing signs of needing relief are taken into our secure garden.

Q: Can I leave my dog all day?
A: We would rather not have your pet all day, as they have to remain caged for their safety and they do get very fed up, even though they can go in the garden.

Q: How early can I drop my dog off?
A: We can take dogs in from 8am onwards.

Q: Does my dog require up to date vaccinations?
A: Yes, all pets must be fully vaccinated.

Q: How old must my puppy or kitten be for his first visit?
A: All puppies and kittens must have completed their inoculations. Then the sooner they pop in for a visit the better to get used to the sounds and smells within the parlour. We offer a completely free introductory visit where they get a sit on the grooming table for a quick brush.

Q: My dog is in season, will you still groom her?
A: If you have a pre-booked appointment please ring us and let us know, then if we need to re-arrange due to entire males in the parlour we can do so.

Q: Will my dog be given any food or water?
A: We always ask the owner if the pet is allowed a small treat, some dogs are on strict diets so not allowed treats. Water is always available in the parlour and the garden.

Q: What if my dog becomes ill while in your care?
A: We are Pet First Aid trained, and you will be contacted immediately.

Cat Grooming Questions

Q. How long will it take to groom cat?
A. This depends on the condition of the coat, but generally about 30 to 40 mins, if you ask for the cat to be bathed this will take an extra hour generally.

Cat playing with brushQ. My cat won’t let me brush him will you be able to?
A. We find in the majority of cases that cats become subdued when they come to the parlour as they are not on their own territory, and will tolerate us combing them out. We have lots of experience with cats, so we know how to help them feel more relaxed and allow us to do the grooming.

Q. My cat wriggles and bites when I try and groom him.
A. Cats are sometimes a two person job, one to hold and one to groom, however we can wrap the cat in a towel which restricts them and if he really wants to bite we have a cat muzzle.

Q. Can I just have my cats claws cut?
A. Yes, just call and we can arrange a good time.

Q. Can I stay while you groom my cat?
A. Yes, we welcome cat owners to stay as we can show you the correct way and tools to use whilst grooming. Also another pair of hands is sometimes helpful!

Q. My cat dosen’t like to be near dogs, will there be any present?
A. No, we have appointments at the end of the day when the dogs are finished also Saturday morning appointments are cats only.

Q. Will you bath my cat?
A. We will bath your cat after a thorough comb out to make sure there are no knots or matts and if your cat is still happy.

Q. My cat is older so do I need to bother about professional grooming?
A. In older cats especially it is important to give them a regular comb through whether they are long or short coated as they do not manage to groom themselves so thoroughly. A close eye should be kept on their claws as they thicken with age and can curl round and start to grow into the pads. We offer de-matting and claw cutting services.

Other Pet Grooming QuestionsGuinea pig

Q: What other pets, other than dogs and cats, can you groom?
A: Guinea pigs and rabbits including Angora rabbits

Q. I have a longhaired rabbit that is notty, will you groom him?
A. Yes, we look after rabbits and guinea pigs, for combing out and trimming and nail cutting. It is very important that rabbits and guinea pigs are kept tidy round the sanitary area especially, if left and faeces gets stuck to the fur they may be prone to fly strike during the warmer weather which will cause the pet much pain and a hefty vets bill. It is important to have rabbit and guinea pigs nails cut, so keep any eye on them and give us a call if they need a trim.

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